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Imagine, if a mother was sick for just one day. The laundry is piling up, the house is a mess. That doesn’t mean my husband doesn’t help. But if husbands also have activities outside the home, then helping is no more than just doing what they can.

If there is a maid in the house, of course it is not a problem because the maid can take on that role. But if not, just one day of mother’s illness means postponing a lot of work, which in the end remains the mother’s responsibility to complete it in the future.

A health budget for mothers is important to have in a family. Mothers usually don’t really care, feel they don’t need it, or don’t have time.

In fact, many mothers say there is no budget. This needs to change and we must start preparing for it.

Therefore, husbands must also proactively pay attention to this matter, for example giving mothers one day at a time for a health massage or cupping. Then routinely remind mothers to consume honey or black seed, God willing, this can help maintain maternal health.

So the health budget provided does not need to wait when the mother falls ill, because prevention is of course better than cure. And the cost of prevention, God willing, is still cheaper than treatment.

Since Single

This is what singletons (read: girls) often forget. Namely maintaining health. Muslim women definitely aspire to have children, but want to remain active and productive in participating in da’wah activities even if the children are already following along.

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Unfortunately, many of us neglect efforts to maintain our health. Many of us eat carelessly, not paying attention to healthy food. It’s halal, yes. But sometimes the thayyib is not necessarily true.

Bachelorettes prefer to eat meatballs or chicken noodles rather than gado-gado or nasi Padang. Or if you eat chili sauce, don’t use measurements. Not to mention busy activities that are not balanced with enough rest.

A healthy lifestyle in youth will definitely influence health in the future. As a result, when I got married and had just one child, there were lots of complaints here and there.

I remember an article from an activist mother with dozens of sons. Her dream when she was a girl was to become a mother with many and healthy children. Very simple.

However, now I understand that those ideals are truly noble. Good health will certainly greatly support post-marriage and childbirth activities, which instead of being less, will actually increase.

It is also necessary for women to detect reproductive health from an early age. Many female sisters don’t know when their periods are irregular or they always hurt when they menstruate. It turns out that these symptoms that we encounter very often have an influence on reproductive health.

Healthy Cheap Cheerful

Nowadays, maintaining health is very easy to do. Don’t imagine that we have to take expensive medicines from doctors.

Nowadays, we can easily find Islamic medicine in the style of the Prophet (thibbun nabawi) in the ikhwah community. There are many herbal medicines available at affordable prices.

It just depends on how we consistently consume it. A bad habit that often affects us is that we only seek treatment when we are sick. And efforts to prevent it are often forgotten. So, there’s no reason not to take care of your health, right?

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Don’t forget the small things that also affect your body’s health. Shower regularly (to reduce the smell of sweat), brush your teeth (to prevent bad breath), wash your hair (yikes…it’s not funny for Muslim women to have head lice), keep your clothes clean, down to your socks, so your body doesn’t itch.

Healthy Mother, Happy Husband

Islam has given guidance, how to be a pious wife, as the characteristics have been mentioned in the hadith of the Prophet ﷺ, that he said;

It was said to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, “Which of the women is the best?” He said, “The one who pleases him when he looks, obeys him when he commands, and does not disagree with him regarding herself and her wealth.” He hates

“When she is ordered to obey, when she is seen to please her husband, and when his husband is not at home, she takes care of herself and her husband’s property.” (Records of Ahmad and An-Nasa’i).

One of the efforts to please your husband when you look at him can be done when a mother is in good health.

By maintaining our health as well as possible, we can welcome our husband’s arrival with a bright face without many complaints of being tired all day plus the strong smell of balm..


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